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LD spine


Ah! Megamisama!
(Oh! My Goddess!)

genre: fantasy / romance / comedy

Morisato Keichi is a typical guy in university. A little bit on the short side, he has problems finding a girlfriend. Now however, he has a goddess living with him -- a goddess with two sisters. This is a sweet story about Keichi and Belldandy and some of the troubles they encounter thanks both to some well-meaning (although unwanted) meddling from others as well as some other influences.

[ rated g ]

Suitable for Family Viewing - A delightful, sunny-spirited story that the whole family can enjoy, but be aware that there are a few sequences that may be objectionable. Most involve the goddess Urd, which emphasize the goddesses' almost lascivious sexiness, and there are also two scenes which show minor nudity. Parents of elementary-school-aged kids might want to put off this series until junior high. Nothing much transpires between Keiichi and Belldandy; their relationship is chaste, if anything, save for one near-kiss--which, of course, results in disastrous consequences for poor Keiichi!

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