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vhs jacket

Key the Metal Idol

Ver .2
Cursor I

© 1994 Sato Hiroaki, Pony Canyon, Fuji TV, FCC, Studio Pierrot
© 1996 Viz Video

Color / Stereo / 23 minutes / Japanese Language / English Subtitles / English Dub






Her classmates at school named her Key, as in the "key" to a strange mystery. Key is an android, created by a kindly old scientist wanting to use his skill in robotics to create peace and love in the world. For some years now, his creation Key has been going to school, just like a regular girl, albeit one who only ages when the kindly doctor exchanges her artificial body for an "older" one. So what if she doesn't really understand how to act human yet, or even how to smile... She's still just like a reagular girl, even if she was built, not born.

But then, the kindly old scientist passes away, and poor Key is left behind. Maybe she doesn't really have feelings, but now that he's gone, she's trapped in the body of a teenage girl who will never grow any older, never die, with no way of learning how to become any more human than she already is. Then again, there might be a way...

A message left behind by Key's father-scientist suggests a fantastic possibility. Could it really be possible for Key to become a real, live human, if she can only win the love of 30,000 people? Or is that just too fantastic to believe? With nothing to lose either way, Key is off to the big city to try her luck. That's where all the people are, anyway.

With her creator's promise in her head, and his old assistant to keep her machine-body in working order, Key begins her journey, hopefully toward humanity. But how can she win 30,000 friends? After seeing a performance by Miho Utsuse, the famous Japanese pop singer, she begins to get an idea...

cast list

  • Mima Tokiko (Key): Iwao Junko
  • Wakagi Tomoyo: Yanaka Hiroshi
  • Mima Murao (Sensei): Kitamura Koichi
  • Kuriyagawa Sakura: Nagasawa Miki
  • Sergei (D): Kosugi Jurota
  • Tataki Suichi: Mirokawa Toshiyuki
  • Ajo Jinsaku: Hayami Sho
  • Tamari Senichi: Ono Kenichi
  • Utsuse Miho: Shibahara Chiyako
  • Man 'A': Ogata Mitsuru
  • Man 'B': Nakamura Daiki
  • Man 'C': Sugawara Junichi

production info

  • Story and Direction: Sato Hiroaki
  • Character Concepts: Tanaka Kunihiko
  • Animation Director: Ishikura Keiichi
  • English Version Producer: Yoshida Toshifumi
  • Translator: Karahashi Takayuki
  • Executive Script Editor: Trish Ledoux

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