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vhs jacket

Shinseiki Evangelion
(Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Episode 14: Seele, Throne of Souls / Weaving a Story

© 1996 GAINAX
© 1997 AD Vision

Color / Stereo / 30 minutes / Japanese Language / English Subtitles / English Dub



A new form of Angel attacks NERV and suddenly the war for the fate of mankind shifts to a field of battle in inner space. As the three Eva pilots sit naked and unprotected in their cockpits, their Evas and the powerful MAGI computers that control Tokyo 3 are violated by a savage wave of neural attacks that threaten to leave the entire city crippled and easy prey for the attacking Angels! Now Ritsuko must face her ultimate challenge as she races against time to decipher the arcane secrets buried deep inside the core of the MAGI by her own mother! Time ceases to have meaning as the events of the preceding months are re-discovered in a swirling vortex of hidden facts, emotions and memories in the most spell-binding episodes yet in the animated series that re-defines the limits of both science and fiction... NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, GENESIS 0:7!

cast list

  • Ikari Shinji: Ogata Megumi
  • Katsuragi Misato: Mitsuishi Kotono
  • Akagai Ritsuko: Yamaguchi Yuriko
  • Soryu Asuka Langley: Miyamura Yuko
  • Ayanami Rei: Hayashibara Megumi
  • Ikari Gendo: Tachiki Fumihiko
  • Fuyutsuki Kozou: Kiyokawa Motomu
  • Keel Lorenz: Mugihito
  • Ibuki Maya: Nagasawa Miki
  • Hyuga Makoto: Yuki Hiro
  • Aoba Shigeru: Koyasu Takehito
  • Suzuhara Toji: Seki Toshihiko
  • Aida Kensuke: Iwanaga Testuo
  • Horaki Hikari: Iwao Junko
  • Committee Member A: Nagasumi Takashi
  • Committee Member B: Suzuki Katsumi
  • Committee Member C: Koyasu Taketo

production info

  • Planning and Original Story: Project EVA
  • Director: Otsuka Masahiko, Ando Ken
  • Script: Anno Hideaki
  • Character Designs: Sadamoto Yoshiyuki
  • Mechanical Designs: Yamshita Ikuto, Anno Hideaki
  • Art Director: Kato Hiroshi
  • Director of Photography:
  • Music: Sagisu Shiro
  • English Version Producer: Matt Greenfield
  • Translator: Kimura Kuni

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