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vhs jacket

Shinseiki Evangelion
(Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Episode 18: The Judgement of Life / Ambivalence

© 1996 GAINAX
© 1997 AD Vision

Color / Stereo / 30 minutes / Japanese Language / English Subtitles / English Dub


Evas Amok!!!

Gendo and the mysterious Committee's inquest into the apparent mental evolution of the Angels is interrupted by the shocking news that NERV Branch 2 has been completely destroyed, including the new Eva Unit 04. This makes the identificatrion of the pilot for the newly developed Unit 03 hyper-critical, but the actual identity of teh Fourth Child comes as a complete shock! Unfortunately, the first test of the new Eva turns into a nightmarish disaster as the giant bio-humanoid goes amok! When the combined efforts of Asuka and Rei fail to stop the berserk monster, Shinji must face it alone in Unit 01. However, his compassion for the fellow human trapped inside the beast becomes his undoing! As Gendo unleashes the monstrous power of Unit 01's auto-pilot, it becomes horribly apparent that the Evas are far more than just machines! Eva battles Eva in a fight to the death in NEON GENESIS EVANGLEION, GENESIS 0:9!

cast list

production info

  • Planning and Original Story: Project EVA
  • Director: Okamura Tensai
  • Assistant Director: Otsuka Masahito, Ando Ken
  • Script: Higuchi Shinji, Anno Hideaki
  • Character Designs: Sadamoto Yoshiyuki
  • Mechanical Designs: Yamshita Ikuto, Anno Hideaki
  • Art Director: Kato Hiroshi
  • Director of Photography:
  • Music: Sagisu Shiro
  • English Version Producer: Matt Greenfield
  • Translator: Kimura Kuni

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