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vhs jacket

Episode 3: CRASH! Gekito... Akai No... Shiroi No... Ayashi No!
(CRASH! Red and White and Suspicious All Over!)

© 1995 TV Tokyo / SoftX / Marubeni
© 1996 Software Sculptors

Color / Stereo / 24 minutes / Japanese Language / English Subtitles


It is a world of fantasy, where magic rules and mosters lurk around every corner. A world of dragons, knights, and wizards. Good versus Evil; light versus Dark; A world populated with Heroes and Villains.

There's cute little Lina, a fireball-throwing sorceress who steals from the wicked and gives to herself. Gourry, a handsome mercenary swordsmand who is as loyal as a man's best friend, but not quite as smart. The mysterious Zelgadis, who is after Lina in an attempt to recover a magical item that can bring about the end of the world. And the great humanitarian sage Rezo, who appears to help Lina fight Zelgadis' plans for world destruction.

The fate of the world rest in Lina's hands, and she'll face everything from easily spooked dragons to maniacal berserkers in her quest for treasure. Grab you sword and shield and join Lina as she saves to the world while increasing her loot in one wild adventure.

cast list

Lina Inverse: Hayashibara Megumi
Gourry Gabriev: Matsumoto Yasunori
Zelgadis: Midorigawa Hikaru
Zolf/Mummy Man: Hirano Masato
Rezo: Kayasu Taketo
Rodimus: Hoki Katsutoshi

production info

Planning and Original Story: Koyama Takao Director: Yokota Osamu Character Designs: Miyata Naomi Art Director: Tojo Toshihisa Director of Photography: Kamiyama Shigeo Music: Tezuka Stoshi / VINK English Version Producer: John Sirabella Translator: Neil Nadelman