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vhs jacket

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki
OAV Episode 2: Ayeka Ga Deta!
(Here Comes Ayeka!)

© 1992 AIC, Pioneer LDC

Color / Stereo / 30 minutes / Japanese Language / English Subtitles


Princess Ayeka has sailed far from her home planet Jurai in search for her long lost fiance. On Earth, she encounters Ryoko instead, her mortal enemy from distant stars -- which can only mean TROUBLE for Tenchi! As a blast from Ayeka's main connon shatters his window, Tenchi find himself aboard Ryoko's spaceship in flight, only to be captured by Ayeka! Tenchi doesn't know what to do as the cat-fight between the two girls ends up in a BIG spaceship crash and then... Who is Ayeka's fiance, and where has he gone? How will Tenchi get home and what do these sparring female superpowers want with him? Perhaps Ayeka's little sister, the mischevious Sasami, can help as Tenchi becomes more and more the master of his mysterious destiny.

cast list

Masaki Tenchi: Kikuchi Masami
Ryoko: Orikasa Ai
Ayeka: Takada Yumi
Sasami: Yokoyama Chisa
Azaka: Ogata Kenichi
Kamidake: Takagi Wataru
Masaki Nobuyuki: Aono Takeshi
Masaki Katsuhito: Aono Takeshi
Lady-in-waiting: Hikita Yumi
Ryo-ohki: Kozakura Etsuko
Yosho: Koyasu Taketo

production info

Director: Hayashi Hiroki Screenplay: Hasegawa Naoko, Kajishima Masaki, Hayashi Hiroki Character Design: Kajishima Masaki Art Director: Waki Takeshi Sound Director: Honda Yasunori Music: Nagaoka Seikou

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