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Shinji Ikari

Shinseiki Evangelion

(Neon Genesis Evangelion)

genre: science-fiction / mecha

In the year 2015, New Tokyo 3 has become a huge fortress. Fifteen years prior, a mysterious race of creatures known as "Angels" appeared, causing mankind to live in fortified cities. A secret defence organisation known as NERV has been organised to combat the terrifying creatures. From their deep underground military base, NERV has developed a series of cyborgs, Evangelion, to combat the Angels. The EVAs require pilots, however -- specifically, pilots who were born exactly nine months after the "Second Impact," a tremendous explosion in the Antarctic, attributed to a high-speed meteorite, which devastated the Earth. For only these children can synchronise with the EVA piloting system...

Many of the mecha and themes feature a reglious motif, and the series itself explores the origins of mankind. This TV series was produced in Japan by GAINAX, and recently concluded its run in March. Two theatrical films have been released. The video series is distributed through North America by AD Vision.

[ rated m ]

adult situations
intense situations

Recommended for Mature Audiences - Adult content. Violent, and brutally so at times, some adults may find it difficult to watch this series. The mechanisms spew fluids which are deliberately made to look like blood. Shinseiki Evangelion could have potentially been rated as 'Parental guidance suggested' (and starts out that way), but several scenes of explicit violence, occasional nudity and sexual themes (such as the references to Shinji's erection in episodes 10 and 26) crop into the series from time to time, and becomes more prevalent towards the very end of the series. The series draws heavily upon symbolisms and iconicisms of the Christian religion, and presents several ideas about the nature of mankind which may be offensive to the devout.

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