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[The Greenwood Gang]


Koko Wa Greenwood
(Here is Greenwood)

genre: comedy / drama / romance

Join Hasukawa Kazuya as he enters Ryokuto Gakuin (Ryokuto High School). After a run of incredibly bad luck getting in to the school, he finally arrives one month after classes have begun. With no clue as to what's happening in his classes, he starts the school year living in Ryokurinryo, the men's dorm better known as Greenwood since it's much easier to say than "Ryokurinryo." Filled mostly with the weirder students at school, it's an odd place to live. His room-mate (Kisaragi Shun) looks and sounds like a girl, and his neighbours (Ikeda Mitsuru and Tezuka Shinobu) are dorm president and student council president, well respected and feared by the student body and a source of constant trouble.

As if that wasn't bad enough however, Kazuya's brother just married the first woman (Sumire) Kazuya ever loved. How's a guy supposed to live under the same roof as his first love knowing full well that she's married to his brother?! So it's the dorms for Kazuya until he can learn to forget about his love for Sumire. However, Greenwood quickly becomes home for him with all the weird people and the quirks of dorm life.

Based on the successful shojo manga series by Nasu Yukie, the OAV series consists of six episodes that span a wide timeline. A radio drama series is also available.

[ rated g ]

Suitable for Family Viewing - No nudity, and very little in the way of sexual innuendo or adult situations (with the exception of the running gag of the Kisaragi family and Shinobu's somewhat disturbed sister.) The intelligent scripting might be beyond younger audiences, and those who are looking for "guns 'n buns" style action.

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