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[ rated m ] Ninja Scroll

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: M
Recommended for Mature Audiences

Review by Mario Toth:

While this movie may have some of the most spectacular animation out there and the ability to get one's adrenailine pumping at an all time high, it's one of those movies that is clearly intended strictly for older anime fans.

Set in Feudal Japan, with some actual historical research thrown in for flavor, Ninja Scroll follows the plot of Jubei Kibagami- a lone samurai who will lend his services for the right price or a worthy cause. As the plot unfolds, he and his two companions (they are somewhat reluctant about joining forces) become swept up in battling the Eight Devils of Kimon. These guys are rather a nasty bunch, possesing exaggerated Martial Arts skills, magic of various sorts and mythological abilities.

The main beef of the movie revolves around Jubei and co. defeating the Devils (this is a fairly tried and true plot) and therefore involves a lot of violence. And I mean a lot. People don't bleed in this movie- they erupt. Mountainfuls of blood have been forced from bodies in one manner or another by the end of the movie and the bodycount is fairly impressive. Don't get the wrong idea though- these are some of the most dynamic, surprising and well though-out action scenes I've ever seen in anime.

The other factor which definately warrants this movie as something not for children is the nudity. While *some* nudity in non-sexual situations is not something I really mind kids seeing, there are some very intense moments here dealing with rape for example. This is obviously not a topic that you would wish to present to children in such a graphic manner.

Ninja Scroll is a visual romp meant only for adults, and adults with a strong constitution at that. While even a lot of adults might view it as over the top, I think that this is an excellent "put your brain out to rest and watch the colors move" type movie.

Parent's Guide Rating:

red (recommended for mature audiences)

Content: frequent and graphic violence that could even be called extreme. Quite a bit of female nudity, usually involved in sexual situations. Several scenes of rape. Some coarse language.

Additional review by Walter Yoon:

A martial-arts action-adventure, with lots of blood. The movie is full of spectacular fight scenes, most of them very bloody and graphic. Definitely R-level. Curses in both the sub and the dub. A disgusting, graphic attempted rape scene and a female villian who only wears snakes are two of the most graphic scenes. There are a few others. R-level material.

Additional review by Andrew Meador:

Ninja Scroll, from what I could gather of it, was about a ninja named Jubei Ninpucho who was travelling to kill a radical faction who stole money to overthrow the government. I found the many scenes of rape as unnecessary and in poor taste, and all in all I felt the movie revolved around sex and little else. I felt the plot was boring, and all in all, just hard to follow. I know some (or most) otaku really recommend it, but I just didn't find it entertaining, even without the gratuitous sex scenes.

Definitely borderline "M", closer to an "X" rating...many scenes of people getting cut in half, and lots of blood is spilled throughout the movie. Several scenes of rape and other sexual innuendos, such as the woman who poisons those who make love with her. NOT FOR CHILDREN--I can't stress this enough. If you don't like extreme violence or extreme amounts of sex, then you shouldn't watch it, regardless of what anyone tells you.

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