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[Kasuga, Madoka and Hikaru]


Kimagure Orange Road
(Capricious Orange Road)

genre: comedy / drama / romance

Kimagure Orange Road is another popular series in Japan which has not only the TV and manga series, but also has a set of eight OAVs, two movies, a music video and a radio series.

Kasuga Kyosuke, his sisters and his maternal relatives all have some sort of psychic powers whether it's teleportation, telekinesis or other. Thanks to Kurumi's injudiscious use of her powers, he and his family have been forced to move several times to avoid embarrassing questions. (Running the 100 m dash in 3 seconds really isn't humanly possible!)

As the family settles into their new home, Kyosuke gets involved with two girls at school. The perpetual love triangle. However, he really only cares for one. How is he to tell Hikaru that he really loves Madoka?

[ rated pg ]

adult situations
sexual content

Parental Guidance Advised - Many episodes are borderline 'Suitable for Family Viewing.' With the exception of the second movie and a few episodes of the TV / OAV series, there's not too much objectional content. There are a couple of scenes involving very bloody noses when Hatta thinks too much about girls, and some fairly rough fight scenes, but there are worse things on prime time TV. There are a few adult-content episodes in the TV and OAV series, with some scenes of nudity, including one where Hikaru (and the audience) sees Kazuya completely naked. (The scene is purely innocent, and of non-sexual nature.) The second movie, So Shite, Ano Natsu No Hajimari is definitely Parental guidance suggested, as it deals in part with a teen couple's first sexual encounter (see movie review notes for more detail).


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