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Episode 10: Karyusan No Maryu
(The Demon Dragon of Fire Dragon Mountain)

Copyright: © 1990 Kadokawa Video (Japan), 1995 US Manga Corp / Software Sculptors (North America)
Length: 40 minutes
Rating: NR, parental guidance suggested
Format: Subtitled (VHS/Hybrid Quicktime CD-ROM)

Based on the novels by: Yasuda Hitoshi and Mizuno Ryo Executive Producer: Kadokawa Tsuguhiko Producers: Tamiya Takeshi, Ikeda Kensho, Maruyama Masao Screenplay: Watanabe Mami Director: Ryu Taiji Character design: Izubuchi Yutaka Music: Hagita Mitsuo English version producer: John O'Donnell Translator: Neil Nadelman

[ plot summary ]

volume 5

Parn, Deedlit, Shiris and Orsen have joined up with King Kashue and his troops to try to end Shooting Star's reign of terror, unaware that Ashram, Pirotess and his Marmo troops have also made the journey to Fire Dragon Mountain. But the forces of Flaim are not the only ones caught unawares -- unbeknownst to Ashram, a spy is among his ranks. The forces of Flaim quickly discover that fighting an Ancient Dragon is no mean feat -- and only a reckless act of bravery by Parn is able to save Kashue's army. Realizing that a direct frontal attack is doomed to failure, Kashue and his advisors devise a plan to send a small attack party through the "Dragon's Path", a legendary back door into Shooting Star's lair. Then, with the newly forged Lances of Myrii, they hope to end the life of the dragon. Ashram has also made his way into the dragon's lair -- his primary goal: to obtain the Sceptor of Domination. For the third time, Parn and Ashram meet; for the third time, their meeting is cut short. Can Kashue and his men stop Shooting Star? Will the Sceptor of Domination fall into the wrong hands?

[ capsule review ]

Whenever we played D&D in university, we always had great hordes of treasures protected by dragons. Lodoss brings the fruits of our imaginations to the screen, which puts a small grin to my face. Isn't it great when all is well in this universe?

But, like episode 7 before it, this episode suffers from lots of panned stills, and lots of re-used footage, a là the old Spiderman TV series. It's a good thing there's a plot here to keep things moving. Parn manages to save the Flaim forces from a fiery inferno (try saying that 10 times quickly!), but in this episode, something else is happening -- Kashue's admonishments are beginning to stir changes within Parn, and he begins to mature. A struggle for Parn's affection is also underway between Shiris and Deedlit, though the outcome seems pretty clear from the outset. We also see some chinks in Ashram's cold character, as Pirotess sacrifices herself to save the man she so admires. An episode of transition, setting up for the final conflicts to come -- Wagnard had planted one of his lackey among Ashram's men, making sure that the Sceptor of Domination shall be in his hands for his ultimate plan of conquest. This is getting to be a long series, but well worth it! - AN

The battle against Shooting Star and the meeting of two different adventuring groups; Ashram and his group for the Sceptre of Domination and Kashue and his group to kill the dragon itself. Once again Parn and Ashram cross swords and again they are interrupted in their battle, only this time, Ashram has the Sceptre of Domination and tries to destroy Shooting Star and become a dragon slayer. However, Wagnard's lackey (whom I found to be depicted in too contrived a manner when they were travelling towards the dragon's lair) has other plans for the sceptre. The story here is decent with a nice twist of deception (which could be seen a mile off). The music as always is very good, and the acting was better than the previous two episodes although Parn's overacting really is tiresome. Pirotess gives her life to save Ashram from the dragon after the Sceptre is stolen and the two disappear into the fiery depths of the mountain when Parn, Kashue and Orson use the three lances to destroy Shooting Star. Is this truly the end of Ashram? However, with the Sceptre now in the hands of the Marmo, danger once again lies ahead for the people of Lodoss. - JYN

[ café rating ]

Original: Subbed: Dubbed:
Story: N/R 3 stars N/A
Direction: N/R 4 stars N/A
Acting: N/R 3 stars N/A
Animation: N/R 3 stars N/A
Music: N/R 3 stars N/A
Translation: N/R 3 stars N/A
Overall Rating: N/R 3 stars N/A

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