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[ rated m ] Mermaid's Scar

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: M
Recommended for Mature Audiences

Reviewed by Jane Nagatomi:

Yuta has been living on earth for over 500 years after having eaten mermaid flesh when he was young. Cursed with immortality, he has since found a travel companion in Mana, a young woman who is decidedly unknowledgeable with respect to the real world. As Yuta and Mana travel throughout Japan, they search for other people like themselves. However, more often that not, trouble seems to dog their travels. Mermaid's Scar is the second of the Mermaid videos for Rumik World; a series of short stories by Rumiko Takahashi.

Young Masato is travelling on his own from Tokyo to be reunited with his mother, Misa, after a five year separation. However, not all is well in the family as Yuta and Mana discover. Following a brief visit at Yuta's work site by Masato and the house helper Yukie, Yuta and Mana discover that Masato's mother was recently involved in a fatal boating accident in which she supposedly died along with the other passengers. However, miraculously, she came back to life the next day severely burnt. Within a week, her burns also had healed without a trace. Can it be that Masato's mother is like Yuta and Mana and has eaten the mermaid's flesh?

Not all is well between young Masato and Misa however. Misa seems to be determined to kill her own son. What is it that drives Misa to this, and why is it that Masato seems unwilling to leave Misa? What secrets do these two hide?

Parent's Guide Rating:

red (recommended for mature audiences)

Due to the immortal nature of the two main characters Yuta and Mana, this video tends to be rather violent. While some younger teens may enjoy the dark nature of the video, it does depict acts of extreme violence and intent to murder being carried out by what appears to be an 8-10 year old child.

Swearing: Minimal. A few instances of stronger language; 2 instances of d*mn.

Violence: A fair amount of violence here as well as blood. The more violent scenes involve driving scissors through a monster's head as well as various attempts to behead the main character. Most of the truly violent scenes and cold-blooded acts are carried out by what appears to be a minor.

Nudity: Minimal; very brief upper body nudity

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