Voice Actors/Actresses We'd Love to See...

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Café Latté

English Voice Actors/Actresses We'd Love to See...

... or would never want to see in a million years...

Would like to see...

Robbie Benson as any demonic bad guy (did an awesome job as the Beast in Beauty and the Beast)
Sean Connery as Kashue in Lodoss to Senki.
Cybil Sheppard as Ayaka in Yuugen Kaishya.
Kathleen Turner as Ayaka in Yuugen Kaishya (alternate).

Would never want to see...

Ted Danson as the Master at the Abcb.
Alicia Silverstone as Shampoo in Ranma 1/2.
Kevin Costner as the dashing English hero in... wait, that's been done.

Additional Contributors:

Derrick M. Williams