Pet Peeves About Anime

Yoriko: Behhh!


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Café Latté

Pet Peeves About Anime and Reviews

... and the reviewers too!

1. The reviewer is always right, and knows more than everyone else -- including those who have taken film-lit. (Yours truly included!)
2. Would Genesis Survivor Gaiarth be considered a documentary? (The All-Movie Guide)
3. Crying Freeman is a "comedy." (The Video Movie Guide) Hmmm. I'm still not laughing.
4. Rating a show without actually watching it. (half of the review sites out there, and half the reviews in The Anime! Movie Guide)
5. One-liner reviews -- "I liked this show".
6. The one thing I hate more than one-liner reviews: one word reviews -- "Good".
7. Any English-version Sailor Moon review -- why bother?
8. Comic relief does not have to be used in every show.
9. SD does not have to be used for emotional content.
10. Not all males are lecherous!
11. Not all males are indecisive... only some... occasionally
12. Shows that blatantly rip-off other shows.
14. Subtitles in the middle of the picture... of a wide-screen format show.
15. Five million repeats of the same manouevre -- from different angles.
16. Re-used film footage -- especially distinctive clips.
17. Ridiculous amounts of company advertising a.k.a. the AIC syndrome.
18. Reviewing two different releases of a program, one of which had been butchered by over 20 minutes, and covering it under the same review.
19. Scenes that go on and on and on... -- a.k.a. the Eveready Energizer Effect.
20. Shows that use the same characters in entirely different universes -- a.k.a. the "A-ko Anomaly"
21. Shows that use screaming overly-cute crybabies as a central figure -- a.k.a. the "C-ko Condition"
22. Voice actors that can't.