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Miramax press release for Mononoke Hime

July 1999

- Printed at the request of Miramax.



Based loosely on Japanese folklore, PRINCESS MONONOKE is the animated tale of the war between encroaching civilization and the beast gods of the forest, which threatens to unbalance the forces of nature. PRINCESS MONONOKE was directed by Japan's leading animator, the acclaimed Hayao Miyazaki, and is one of only two films to break $150 million (U.S.) at the Japanese box office - the other being Titanic.

This Summer, Miramax Films will release an English-language dubbed version of PRINCESS MONONOKE, featuring the voices of Billy Crudup, Minnie Driver, Claire Danes, Billy Bob Thornton, Jada Pinkett and Gillian Anderson among others. The script was penned by Neil Gaiman, best-selling author and creator/writer of the award-winning monthly DC Comics.

Mature in theme, operatic in scope, mystical in style, PRINCESS MONONOKE is set in ancient Japan - a time of samurai warriors and isolated villages miles apart. A war rages in the land. The forests are being ravaged by the Tatara clan, forgers of iron. The Great God of the Forest, a mythical beast, gives power to the forest gods to protect their domain against the humans in the forms of huge beasts.

ASHITAKA (Billy Crudup), the last young warrior of the Emishi clan, who lives secluded in the remote mountains of northern Japan, is forced to kill a monster to protect his village. Too late he discovers that the boar-like creature he killed is a protector-god of the forest. In killing him he has brought upon himself a curse, its sign a twisted scar on his right forearm.

Ashitaka journeys to the land of the Tatara clan where he hopes to uncover the mystery of the curse before it takes his life. He meets their proud and regal leader, the Lady Eboshi (Minnie Driver). Along the way he becomes involved in a bitter fight between two warring factions of humans and a race of forest-gods trapped in the middle.

During one such attack, Ashitaka, first sees SAN - Princess Mononoke - (Claire Danes), a young woman raised by wolves, who is prepared to die to defeat the humans. Against his will, Ashitaka is drawn into the struggle between man and nature, trying to persuade the two sides to find another way, one that will halt the endless circle of killing, for forest creature and humans to live in the world in peace together.

For more information contact Robin Jonas, VP Publicity at 212.941.3925 or Julianne Whitney at 212.941.2095.

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