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Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu

Ongaku mo Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu

CD jacket

Copyright: © 2001 Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd
Release Date: 01.07.20
Length: 63:52 minutes, 26 tracks
Music: Various BGM

Produced by: Maeyama Director: Music: Tada Kagefumi

track information:

  1. Opening Theme: Love Tropicana - vocal (3:56)
  2. Mitsurin Jungle (2:44)
  3. Hare no Theme (2:13)
  4. Guu no Theme (3:10)
  5. Gakkou (1:01)
  6. Jungle no Nakama tachi (6:13)
  7. Munage (1:13)
  8. Sanpatsuya no Babaa (1:08)
  9. Suspense Ippai (4:38)
  10. Uki Uki Hare Bare (1:43)
  11. Nankoku no Ryoufuu (1:09)
  12. Birthday (0:51)
  13. Saikai (1:03)
  14. Nigero Nigerunda! (1:33)
  15. Fushigi na Jungle (4:15)
  16. Kaisou - Kana (2:25)
  17. Mari no Kodoku (1:00)
  18. Oyasumi (1:15)
  19. Fushigi na Jungle - vocal (3:20)
  20. Game (1:57)
  21. Mitsurin Jungle no Otonatachi (3:14)
  22. High Class (2:13)
  23. Subtitle (1:35)
  24. Soul Train (0:56)
  25. Nonbiri Hare Bare (3:45)
  26. Ending Theme: Ohashi - vocal (5:22)

Vocal Tracks: 1, 19, 26

Love Tropicana: Sister Mayo Fushigi na Jungle: Jack Denyo-ru, Chorus: Tsukamoto Michiyo Ohashi: 0930

capsule review:

I have to admit, when I first decided to pick up this CD it was partly as a joke because of the opening theme song. With images of trees bopping to the music as well as Hare and Guu dancing during the credits, I wasn't sure I really wanted the soundtrack. However, despite the opening theme song craziness, the soundtrack for Jungle Guu contains a surprising variety of themes, melodies and rhythms each with an image that it tries (not?) to portray. From the jaunty stroll through the jungle style themes, to the gently minor tones of past remembrances, it is this variety which makes this CD both interesting and worthwhile.

While this CD isn't going to win any music awards for grandiose orchestral renditions (that style generally doesn't suit the show anyways), instead it portrays a picture book of various aspects of tropical / jungle life and the characters seen in the anime. Varying from tropicana, ethnic (Indian), jazzy, computer game and small group instrumental styles makes this soundtrack a fun background music CD which will occasionally catch listener's attention with some of the more energetic tunes (i.e. Fushigi na Jungle). I must admit, when I first heard the music from the computer game Hare keeps playing, I also expected to hear the short chant which signifies one of the characters died.

With only three vocals on the CD, and no karaoke tracks, this is generally not a CD to sing to. (Although I have to admit that the closing theme is quite catchy in a very different way from the opening theme). Rather, it's a "background music while working or being on the computer" type of CD. It has some energy to it so it won't put listeners to sleep (actually it'll have listeners bouncing around while listening), but it's not so demanding that it will intrude when concentrating on other things either. Admittedly, this CD is really for those people who found the music in the anime to be fun, people who are looking for some good mixed background music will find this a fun and varied CD. By no means a must have, this is a fun and whimsical CD with occasional dips into the more serious.
- JYN, 2001.11.06

café rating (japanese release):


3 stars
[3 / 5] - Great for when you just want some background music, there is a good variety of different styles and rhythms to the music here. While it's not a must have CD, it captures the atmosphere of the anime well.

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