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A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: M

Recommended for Mature Audiences

Reviewed by Bobby Stringini:

I have only seen the first ten episodes of this series, but I have to say it is a very enjoyable and light hearted show. It also is not what you would expect from a group like Clamp.

The main plot of the show focuses on Hideki, a ronin who is just being introduced to Tokyo. When he arrives he is first exposed to Persocoms, or computers that resemble humans except with different ears. He yearns for one, but can't afford to buy one since he is barely making ends meet as is. Then one day, he finds one lying in the trash, and quickly takes her home. This persocom is Chii, and when the audience is introduced to her the story really takes off.

This is a fairly cute show with some nice little touches, but I would have to say that parents may want to keep younger children, or even teenagers (under the age of 16) away from this show. Some of the issues dealt with in the show are very adult (such as Chii saving her virginity for her one true love) as well as some very interesting adult comedy. While nowhere near as extreme as the manga, the show does feature some adult situations as well as some mild language, and constant references to the main characters collection of pornographic literature.

Parent's Guide Rating:

red (recommended for mature audiences)

Sex/Nudity: Very little in the way of nudity. Chii is naked at times, but any skin is hidden away from view. Also at one point in episode 9 Hideki and his friend are at a bath house, and while Hideki is yelling and screaming, while naked, there is a bouncing black dot over his crotch that reads "censored". Also Hideki owns many adult magazines (all feature only girls in their underwear or covered up nudity). But the magazines are a running gag through the whole show. Also in episodes 7 and 8 Chii is looking for a job, and is tricked into working at a peep show. The owner then attempts to molest Chii, but due to circumstances his attempts are stopped. In the first episode, Hideki manhandles Chii while trying to find the "on switch" which is hidden in her crotch.

Violence: Very, very little in these episodes although it may become present in latter episodes.

Swearing/Crude language: Nothing too extreme. Constant references to porn, but that is about it.

Other: Sexual tension is a very prominent factor in this TV series, and at times may be to much for some viewers. I would definitely keep this show to the 16+ crowd.

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