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Combustible Campus Guardress

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: M

Recommended for Mature Audiences

Reviewed by Alex Mason:

The story focuses around a kind of other Tokyo. At one end of the city is a School. Seems basic enough but this school happens to be at war with the school of the underworld! Demons are ravaging the city and only one girl can save them. Her name is Hasumi and she is the Guardress.

The demons don't expect her to intervene in their warring but she does all the same. This all boils down to an insane final battle between the humans and the demons. A final battle that gets your blood boiling.

This is a superb Anime in four parts. Great animation, story line and characters. It is very funny at times and has some scenes of romance. It was truly a teriffic mini-series.

Parent's Guide Rating:

red (recommended for mature audiences)

VIOLENCE - A fair amount. There is some blood and a man gets blown in half. A demon gets a large hole burned through his chest.

SEX OR NUDITY - In a fight, an 18 year-old girl gets he shirt cut open, briefly exposing her breasts. A demon uses her breasts as a special attack. A girl makes sexual advances. A man constantly looks up Hasumi's skirt and admires her panties.

Swearing -some not a whole lot though.

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