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[ rated m ] Cutey Honey

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: M
Recommended for Mature Audiences

Review by William M. Hebert:

A rather strange twist on the tried and true "super-powerful protaganist vs. darkly evil antagonist" genre of japanime titles, Honey Kisigara is the story of a female android who is capable of changing her body's appearance and clothing at will. Usually she is a young blonde, but as the diabolical Dolmeck and his friends Black Maiden and Peeping Spider make trouble in her city, she can transform into an "S&M Queen", a "motorcyle rider par excellence," and her favorite form, "Lovely Warrior--Cutey Honey!" However, to change forms, the clothes she is already wearing must come off... and she changes forms quite a bit.

Honey is joined by Danbei and Chokkei, a "bionically-enhanced" grandfather-and-son team who discovers her posing as the Mayor's secretary but not knowing she is actually a fighting android. It takes a skirmish from a villan-at-large to cure her "amnesia" and return her to fighting status. There is a good bit of graphic violence; punk bikers firing on a crowd at a State-of-the-City address by the Mayor, sword and claw slashing as Honey-chan fights mutant monsters, and the deep-freezing of three nude maidens by the "Jewel Princess," the villain in Act 2 of the video. Speaking of nudity, expect Honey to exhibit just that whenever she yells, "Honey Flash!" All of the female villans are as scantily clad as Honey-chan, and some exhibit nudity when they mutate into their monster form. As far as plot goes, the dark shroud of secrecy surrounding the main villans (Dolmeck, Black Maiden and Peeping Spider) piques the viewer's interest into finding out what it is about this "prophecy" they speak of concerning Honey-chan. And the crush Chokkei has on Honey is humorous, especially when the coming-of-age lad has to deal with seeing her in the buff whenever she transforms! All in all, Cutey Honey is almost like a spoof on this type of good- vs.-evil battle with quite a bit of nudity and violence... parents are cautioned.

Parent's Guide Rating:

red (recommended for mature audiences)

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