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A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: G

Suitable for Family Viewing

North American TV Release

Review by Jessica Kwok

Well, I haven't seen a review on DUBBED Digimon yet so I might write about it. The dubbed versions of some Digimon episodes are available on video, but not yet DVD or laser disc.

Digital Monsters, Digimon, for short, is about 8 children who have been teleported to a bizarre world where almost anything can happen, and it's called the Digital World. They meet strange creatures made from data from Earth. These small creatures called Digimon, must protect the children from hazards. They can evolve, or digivolve, into larger, more powerful creatures to defeat the evil Digimon that roam the world. They become better and better friends each day and they also became stronger and stronger as well. Saban has cut out several things that they thought were inappropriate for children, but overall it's still tolerable.

Well, I found this animé to be very entertaining, both for older viewers & younger viewers. Nothing is really extremely bad in Digimon, so you won't have to worry too much about your children. It's funny in both series, and it's full of excitement. Many Pokémon fans have been led to believe that Digimon was a simple rip off of Pokémon, but it really isn't, because both originals came out at about the same time (The original Digimon was a v-pet, and it came out two months before Pokémon did). The art isn't eye-popping, but it would be about your average animé art. The music is great in Japan, but some of the music in the dubbed version you might find a bit lousy. The second saga you might find a bit annoying, unless you like rock-star wannabes, but don't worry, it's not a long saga.

There isn't much to be afraid in Digimon for you parents. Though there isn't exactly any blood in the dubbed version, there are somewhat gory areas in Digimon. For example, when a Digimon named WarGreymon drills several holes into an evil Digimon's body, destroying it. Let me remind you again, there isn't any blood, so you won't see it leaking out of their bodies. In the dubbed version, there isn't ANY profanity or nudity. There is a part in the 8th episode or so when all of the kids are in a spa, but the girls & boys are separated, and there is no nudity (Unless you watch the uncut version). However, a male Digimon floats around in the girl's spa for a short while until he gets thrown over the wall to the boy's side. There are a couple of fistfights here and there, but nothing bad, just little droplets of blood. If you are watching the uncut version of Digimon you might want to be a little careful because there is some nudity here and there, mostly just the rear ends. As far as I'm concerned, still no profanity, and violence is bumped up a bit. There is a gun in the show, but luckily no one is shot, there is an area where a child hitchhikes, but that's really all.

If you want to talk to your children about watching this, then go ahead, you might need to. Though I didn't find it disturbing, young viewers might.

Parent's Guide Rating:

green (suitable for family viewing)

If you are concerned about taking your child to the Digimon Movie (Which is a combination of the second and third movie, but for some reason Saban combined them both), don't worry. I'm pretty sure that Saban has cut out things that they would have thought was gory. I recall hearing a somewhat violent part in the Digimon Movie where a Digimon sticks his sword into an enemy Digimon's head. Knowing Saban, they probably cut it out, but it probably got the PG rating because of the destruction going on.

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