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[ rated g ] Dragonball Z

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: G
Suitable for Family Viewing

North American TV release

Review by Kimberly Kosmas

Dragonball Z (series) as shown on television centers around a young father (Goku) who is not from Earth. He has a son (Gohan). Gohan's Mom is a Earth woman, who worries like most of us parents. Goku is of a militant race of people called "Sayans". Goku was raised by a Earth man, who found him in a spaceship. Goku and his son have extrodinary powers. Goku's son, Gohan learns how to fight like his father. Piccolo (who is originally a bad guy) takes Gohan away from his Mom at 5 years old. He trains Gohan on how to fight. Just one thing, when Gohan looks at the moon, he turns into this large mean ugly monster that destroys everything it sees. Piccolo learns that it's the "Sayans" tail that gives them this power. Eventually, They team up with their friends to either save the Earth from evil or to obtain the precious "DragonBalls", which summons a dragon who grants their wish. Their wish could bring their friends back from another dimension, which make us you think that they died and they could wish them back. I did like Bauma, she was the smart female charecter. She could figure out anything (almost).

Parent's Guide Rating:

green (suitable for family viewing)

The violence is questionable at times. Death is somewhat mentioned, but the series makes you think that they could bring some back, when you collect seven dragonballs and summon the dragon. This could be confusing for a young child.

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