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Jin Roh

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: M

Recommended for Mature Audiences

Reviewed by Dan Stewart:

Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade is about an alternate version of Tokyo. After World War II, a totalitarian goverment is formed. Due to public outrage, the goverment creates a "secret" police organization known only as the "Capital Police's Special Unit". But, there is a group called "The Sect" that stages demonstrations challenging the goverments' martial law.

During a mission to stop a Sect demonstration, Constable Fuse of the special unit finds a girl in the sewers. When he fails to shoot her as ordered, he is reconditioed as a soldier. But, the dead girl haunts him both in dreams and through her older sister, who Fuse has befriended. Because of this, Fuse is now a rather large target of the goverment and The Sect. As everything crashes around him, Fuse is challenged on what is real and what is right.

Overall, this movie is recommended for mature audiences. This is for the violence and over-exaggerated blood and gore in the opening scenes of the movie. Jin-Roh begins with a gloomy dark feel at the beginning of the movie and it stays until the end. At night, there is an eerie sense and during the day the stark reality of the large city is always present. And because of it's realistic art and character designs, it is a very real experience.

Also, there is alot of symbolism, mainly in the original dark Little Red Riding Hood story, which is read in sections during various parts of the movie.

Jin-Roh shows what life can be like under communistic-like goverment and/or military rule, but should not be seen by younger audiences. The movie has a dark, gloomy feel, but with its numerous surprises and turns in the plot proves to be very enjoyable.

Parent's Guide Rating:

red (recommended for mature audiences)

Warning: Violence - some Blood and Gore

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