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Lily C.A.T.

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: M

Recommended for Mature Audiences

Reviewed by Roger Hammond:

Lily C.A.T., set far into the future, is about a crew that 'space jumps' (taking a twenty year trip, but for them, it seems like a year) to the supposed New Earth. But on the way, a strange alien life form enters the space craft, and soon one by one each crew member suddenly dies from a disease...and just to make it interesting, two of the crew members on board are fakes!

This movie was very complex, and at times can be a little confusing. However, nearly each explanatory event will stun you. Remember the movie 'Sixth Sense'? It has a surprise ending like that, with scenes that will make you watch it over and over. You have to pay close attention to this, or else you might not understand.

My problem with this is that the animation can seem choppy, the storyline can seem rushed, and some scenes are pretty much a rip off of the '70's movie 'Alien'.

The box says that it has 'Extreme Violence and Sexually Explicit Scenes'. Don't be fooled. This movie had NO sex whatsoever. There was a little nudity where you see a little of a woman's breasts, but nothing sexual. As far as violence goes, never let your kids watch it. The violence isn't too bad, but a cat gets brutally butchered. Besides that, the only violence is a scene when a guy starts going ballistic and the virus rips him in half.

Another reason never to let your kids watch this is because of the mood of the movie. The darkness of the ship adds to the strangeness of the alien virus. Plus, some of the images will make people afraid to go to bed. (Like when one woman's head is stretched in half and a cat comes through it. Bizarre...)

Overall, this movie is very good to watch, if you can look past minor faults. I wouldn't worry though. But like I said, NEVER let your kids watch it. Teens might like it, but only ones that don't scare easily.

Parent's Guide Rating:

red (recommended for mature audiences)

Nudity: A little. Only breasts, and not sexually.

Violence: A little. A guy gets ripped in half, but there's no blood or gore, and a cat gets butchered. (Very gross.)

Profanity: A little. But it doesn't go beyond S---


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