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Contributor's Biographies

Nicholas Hladek

I am Nicholas Hladek, a 17-year-old American high school senior. I am about 6 feet tall, and wear glasses. If I could be any character in any anime work, it would probably be Tuxedo Mask or Ghim from Record of Lodoss War. My interests include anime (obviously), music (new wave in particular) and studying religion. I also enjoy Spanish and Italian, and I am semi-fluent in both of them. I hope someday to learn Japanese and German as well, but those days are far ahead of me. My favorite anime's are Record of Lodoss War and Sailor Moon.

I consider my most valuable recent acquisition to be a Sailor Moon comforter, which I found for $6. (Regularly $65 U.S.). I am told that it is perhaps a bit quirky to sleep with a Sailor Moon comforter at the age of 17 (besides the fact that I am male), but my deep regard for anime blinds me from any sort of social dissapproval.

I am currently looking to form an anime club in school, and have many people that are interested, but no teacher to be our advisor. Check out my web page: I don't have any anime there yet, but I plan to add it later.

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