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Ogre Slayer

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: M

Recommended for Mature Audiences

Review by Francisco Cortes:

Ogre Slayer is a very interesting and fantastic OVA of four episodes on two volumes, each one has a different story much like "Tales from the Crypt". This is a tale where Ogres (demons) once tormented the world, when for a strange reason a ogre female gave birth to a human boy. As the boy grew he came to understand that his kind (the ogre kind) was very evil and so he promised himself that he would kill all the ogres in the world, believing that once he killed all the ogres he would become human. This boy was not only inmortality but also strong with his sword, and he was called by the name of his sword, "Ogre Slayer". Time passed and the boy grew to manhood maintaining his ambition to become human until the present...

Ogre Slayer is the most bloody anime that I have ever seen in my life because it is very gory, violent, has foul language, is totally sad and had some sexual scenes without love. This anime is very dark for people under 18 but the stories are very simple to understand. I really recommend parents not allow their children to watch this video.

Warning: Ogre Slayer is very dark and I will explain why:

Violence: Lots. For example in episode #1 when Miko gave birth in the school to two big ogres, they crushed several sudents to protect Miko and ate the bodies.

Profanity: Some. In episode #4 when Rioko is slapped by her Master in the manor and he says "YOU WORTHLESS B****!!!!"

Sex: In episode#2 three men sexually abuse a woman in the park.

Nudity: Some. For example in episode#1 when Miko is running in her dream and a ogre takes off her shirt, in that part the camera shows a lot of cleavage. I hope that young children are not exposed to this anime.

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