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Perfect Blue

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: M

Recommended for Mature Audiences

Reviewed by Ryan Butler:

This was a very interesting anime video to me. I saw the dubbed version of the anime video and it was done nicely(especially the singing, it actually looked good!). There was a minimal amount of cussing in this video, but nothing alarming. There was also a small bit of nudity, not in a sexual manner, it was just a photo shoot, this shouldnt be alarming either. The anime is about a teenage pop star, Mima, who decides to quit singing and persue acting. A little while after acting, Mima starts having strange hallusinations. She sees her past self all the time(the pop star), the pop star Mima is following her and she doesnt know what to do. A stalker is also thrown in the mix. All in all a very interesting anime, and I would reccomend it, to anybody with an open mind.

Additional Comments from Bobbi Stringini:

Ok, the person who reviewed Perfect Blue gave the movie a PG. That should be changed soon because no child should see that film (they wouldn't understand it anyway). The movie is very violent and the nudity in the R rated version is still explict (and there is a staged rape scene on the show Mima is in). The movie was rated R in the first place and that should tell anyone that the movie is not good. I just wanted to say this because someone might let their little kid buy (and only the Unrated version is available for purchase) or rent this film. I just wanted to tell you because, while Perfect Blue is a great movie, it is in no way suitible for children (5-14) and should definitely be viewed by a parent first.

Additional Review by Carl Jacobsen:

While there are at least two languages versions available, there are two cuts available as well. The first review must have dealt with the English dubbed cut, which not surprisingly may have come across as a PG movie. The director's cut on the other hand is a graphic violent film dealing with pop idoldom, film stardom, and psychoses.

In Japan, the world of pop music idols is nothing like in the United States. While Britney Spears and N'Sync are passing crazes, pop idols have been around in Japan for decades. Kirigoe Mima is a pop idol, a member of a band called Cham. As the term "pop idol" suggests, Mima is both popular and idolized. When one of her managers suggests she take up acting, a more stable career, Mima quits the singing business, much to the chagrin of her other manager and all her fans.

At her first filming, Mima's manager is injured by an exploding letter addressed to Mima, and a boy who distrupted her final concert is killed in a hit-and-run. And wherever she turns she sees a hauntingly familiar face. When her acting career leads her into a rape scene, the people responsible for her new career die off. First the screenwriter, then the photographer who made her pose nude. It's only a matter of time before Mima becomes the next target.

Perfect Blue is a psychological suspense thriller, leading some, like film critic Roger Corman for example, to compare it to an Alfred Hitchcock film. The scenes skip back and forth, often leaving the viewer wondering what is reality and what is in Mima's head. As Mima falls deeper into psychosis, the film grows more and more confusing. Near the end, reality and insanity are blended together in an eerie chase through a block of urban Japan.

The animation and character designs, with the exception of a couple characters, are beautiful and stunning. Mima's innocent expressions are entertaining yet not overly exagerated like a lot of anime characters. In fact, Perfect Blue uses a darker animation style, with smaller eyes and rounder features. However, violence is depicted quite graphically and may leave some parents feeling American movies are mostly "fluff".

Parent's Guide Rating:

red (recommended for mature audiences)

Like a said above, there is a small bit of profanity and nudity in this film. Both are very small and shouldnt be a concern. I would say this would be ok for children to watch, it might be confusing though as it is a little hard to understand. - B.S.

warning: First off, there is the issue about the rating.
As a rule, anime is usually left unrated, with exceptions in Disney and other major releases. One reviewer gave it a PG, another gave it a R rating. Remember, such ratings are for the purposes of the Parent's Guide. In my own open-minded opinion, I chose to give it an M rating in fairness to the more concerned viewers.

Perfect Blue deals with stalking, homicide, psychosis, and rape. There is a considerable amount of nudity and two rape scenes. The first rape is filmed for a show, which Mima soon finds herself unable to discern from reality. The violence is graphic, with most of the attacks portrayed. For anyone with a fear of ice picks or screwdrivers, this film is not for you. - C. J.:

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