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[ rated g ] Pokémon

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: G
Suitable for Family Viewing

Review by Michael Franz

Pokémon is a Japanese TV series based on the popular game of the same name for the Nintendo Game Boy. Most of you have probably heard about it because of all the reports of seizures in Japanese children who watched it; however, this incident was related to intense flashing lights in one episode, which has since been corrected. Pokemon, or "pocket monsters", are an assortment of 150 different kinds of creatures with various powers. Pokemon trainers capture these creatures and train them to fight with each other in contests. The series focuses on a boy named Ash who seeks to become the greatest Pokemon trainer of all time. His first Pokemon is Pikachu, a yellow mouse-like creature with the power to shoot electricity. Along the way, they encounter a friendly girl named Misty as well as two bad guys called Team Rocket who seek to steal the rarest and best Pokemon -- and that includes Pikachu!

Additional Comment from James Craven

Update to show the following: Airs on Kids WB [USA] and YTV [Canada] six days a week. Twenty volumes of the videos [from VIZ/Pioneer] are now out, and two more are released about every other month. The number of Pokemon will increase to over 250 by this fall, when "Pokemon Gold and Silver" are released, and new episodes are included. There have been two movies released here in the USA by Warner through their Kids' WB brand, the third has just been released in Japan, and the fourth will follow.

Parent's Guide Rating:

green (suitable for family viewing)

There really isn't much to object to in this series. There's no sex or swearing, but there is a bit of violence as this series does involve the Pokemon fighting with each other. However, it's nothing worse than what other kids' shows have.

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