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Shamanic Princess

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: M

Recommended for Mature Audiences

Reviewed by Sarah Calkins:

Despite a rather lighthearted name, this anime focuses around a group of young adults with mysterious powers who are battling each other for a sacred object called "The Throne of Yord." Tiara has been sent to a university in what looks like France by her people to reclaim the mystic Throne of Yord from her former best friend and boyfriend. Both have mysteriously deserted their cause and roles as protectors of the Throne one after another. Joppolo, Tiara's ferret-like sidekick provides some levity to the situation, and nothing is really as it seems...

The animation in this series is really top rate, the characters and story are intriguing (if a bit confusing at first) and at only six half-hour episodes it fits perfectly onto just one DVD so you don't have to spend hundreds just to get the "whole story."

Parent's Guide Rating:

red (suggested for mature audiences)

As the episodes go on there is progressively more blood and violence but it isn't too much worse than standard primetime TV, and there's one mild seduction scene that doesn't go beyond PG territory. A few characters in the show make reference to the fact that one character is the perfect partner for a man or a woman, but other than a little idle discussion the series doesn't contain homosexuality. Tiara is somewhat scantily clad and very buxom, but the only nudity in the show is a little bit in the closing sequences that is fully covered. - SC

Additional comments by Raven Cross:

Additional Content Warning (Follow up): The violence in the final two episodes of Shamanic Princess is graphic, and does show things that you would not see on TV. (Kagetsu coughs up blood, and Gram is quite violet) Also, the show contains some graphic nudity in the 5th episode, and I think there was some earlier. It's not sexual in nature, but Summon Tiara does kiss "normal" Tiara on the lips, and both of them are girls. It's really only objectionable becase it could create questions. I'm basing this assuming the American release is uncut, as I've only watched the fansubs.

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