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Street Fighter Alpha

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: M

Recommended for Mature Audiences

Reviewed by Erin:

I am reviewing the English dubbed video. The quality of the dubbing was excellent.

This video is a bit different than the Street Fighter II movie and the Street Fighter II V series. The artistic style is a bit different (the character designs are more modeled to the game I've heard), and the story line is centered more around Ryu.

The story starts off with Ryu becoming more and more disturbed by the dark energies building within himself-- the Dark Hadou his master had warned him about. Ken and Ryu are brought together by the death of their master and are then confronted with another surprise: a boy appears claiming to be Ryu's little brother, Shun. Ken and Ryu seem skeptical, but after Shun enters a street fight, and display's the terrible Dark Hadou Ryu himself has been fighting, they seem to be convinced. Unfortunately, before Ryu can even accept this, Shun is kidnapped by agents of the Shadowlaw organization. Ken, Chun-li, Ryu, intend to retrieve Shun by entering a martial art tournament being held at the place Shun is imprisoned in. But the fighting arena and atmosphere is not what it appears to be...

Overall, this movie is about the self discovery of Ryu, and whether or not he will submit to the Dark Hadou. This video constantly asks the question for many of the street fighters, and especially Ryu, "Why does he fight?"

I quite enjoyed this video and thought it was rather good. If you are a die hard Street Fighter fan though, you may be disappointed because not all of the 'classic' Street Fighter characters are really shown or developed in the movie. For example, you only see a brief clip of Vega fighting in an arena, but that's about it.

If you're thinking about letting your kids watch this, I would seriously suggest watching it alone first without them. This movie is pretty violent, with blood and broken limbs. Shun is a pretty young kid (twelve at a guess?) and some of the things his fighting opponents do to him would probably disturb younger kids (hey, some of it disturbed me!). Shun also is in touch with the 'darker' nature of things (he seems kind of excited to fight and beat people to a pulp) so I'm sure some parents would have some objections to that. However, Ryu also addresses this problem in Shun too, trying to show him how his attitude toward fighting with the Dark Hadou is morally wrong. Don't get me wrong, yes, there is violence in this movie, but the story seems to try and absolve it, and show the reasons why people fight. Teenagers would probably be able to handle these themes fine, but I don't think it would be suitable for young children at all.

Music wise, the video was fine, with modern, North American type music clips. The animation quality was quite good, especially with the 'Alpha' character designs, which added some interest to the video.

Some discussion might be raised by this video, from the themes of light and darkness, morals (especially in fighting), etc.

Parent's Guide Rating:

red (recommended for mature audiences)

Violence: Yes, quite a lot

Profanity: Very little, if any

Nudity: Chun-li wears some pretty skin tight stuff, but nothing's showing that shouldn't be showing.

Sexual Situations: None.

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