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Tekken: The Motion Picture

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: M

Recommended for Mature Audiences

Reviewed by Rachel Rooney:

When Kazuya was just a boy, his father threw him off a cliff as a test. Kazuya woke up to find a huge gash on his chest. And so, when Kazuya grew up, he set out to kill his father.

That's all there is to it. Not a hard story to follow. But I warn you that you'll only like this if you like Martial Arts and the video game "Tekken". A lot of people have seen this and just hated it. And said the animation was bad. But to tell you the truth. I liked it a lot! I didn't care about the animation. I only liked it because I like Martial Arts and it kept me entertained. It's still a cool movie. Plus you get to meet some of the characters from the video game, like Nina Williams.

56 mins. I saw it in English and uncut on the "Action Channel". I thought the dubbing was fine. And there is a "edited" verion. That's about 45 mins.

Parent's Guide Rating:

red (recommended for mature audiences)

Language: I heard the words, sh-t, d-mn and h-ll. There might have been some others, but nothing "bad".

Sex: No. There is one part with Nina's sister and Lee kissing and then they just lay down in bed, but that's all you see.

Nudity: Yeah, that was really not needed. Nina's sister is in the shower and you can see her behind and then she turns around and you see her (big) breast.

Violence: Yes! I will go through here with some stuff parents and kids should watch out for:

  • There's a lot of coughing up blood.
  • At one part Kazuya is fighting with a T-Rex. When the T-Rex pins him down, Kazuya grabs the upper and lower jaws of the Rex and he rips the Rex in half. You can see a little inside and blood of course. Then Kazuya goes around and kills some other T-Rex and either hits them in the eye where blood gushes out or he just makes the T-Rex's bleed a lot, which is kinda gory...
  • Then a very "human-like" robot guy gets crushed under a big door. While he was trying to keep the door open his skin was ripping apart. But there was no insides shown since he was a robot, but there was a good amount of blood.
  • And that part when Kazuya's father throws him off a clif, there's some blood there too. But you don't see Kazuya get that huge gash on his chest.

And there's some more violence in it, but those are the big ones. I know it doesn't sound bad right now. But it's pretty gory and it's not for kids.

People say it's a 16+ anime. But it's more of a 14+. It does depend on the parents though. Still it's not for anyone under that age. Like I said, there is a "edited" version 13+ could see. But I don't know how much they cut out. I know that the unnecessary nude scene was cut out and I'm sure some of the big violence was cut out as well.

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