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Twilight of the Dark Master

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: M

Recommended for Mature Audiences

Reviewed by Roger Hammond:

In ancient times, the demons would prey upon the weak and feeble human beings. There was no hope until the guardians were created. The guardians and the demons were eternally linked, and eternally opposed. The fight would never stop until one or the other ceased to exist.

That was many years ago.

Now, sometime in the future, a demon has begun to resurrect itself in Neo-Shinjuku, Japan. There is only one guardian remaining to do battle. And so, the fate of the world lies on the shoulders of Tsunami Shizo.

In my opinion, this movie was really good, even though it is only 45 minutes long. It has a complex storyline, with some really good fight scenes. The violence can seem pretty bad at times, but it doesn't go beyond anything like Battle Angel. And there is one sex scene (between a girl and a demon...(Dr. Evil: Right.....)) but you don't see anything. Just moaning. And there is one scene where the main character goes to a night club, and all these people are hooked up to 'sex machines'. You don't see anything bad, but there is lots of heavy moaning. There is also a few breasts seen in this, which in one scene was really out of place.

The animation is really good, since the guy who animated X and Vampire Hunter D was doing it.

I really recommend watching it. Though you may need to watch it a few times just so can understand some of the minor details. But overall, it is an action packed-freaky demon-super psychic movie.

Parent's Guide Rating:

red (recommended for mature audiences)

Violence: Limbs go flying here and there, a guy gets shot, a short decapitation, and people get crushed by demons. There's a fair amount of blood. And there is one scene where you see a demon with a guy's arm in his mouth.

Nudity: One scene where the demon is about to have sex with the girl. One scene where two girls in the nightclub are looking for the demon, and one scene where the girl looks at her body, which is full of synthetics. None of these scenes are below the waist or displayed in a sexual way.

Language: One scene with 'b****'

Sex: Two scenes. One where you don't see anything, and one where it's people hooked to a sex machine.

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