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Armored Troopers Votoms

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: M

Recommended for Mature Audiences

Reviewed by Derrick J.:

A soldier (Chirico Cuvie) is sent on a secret mission, sees a beautiful woman, is betrayed and spends the rest of the series running away from everybody (the universe seems to want to kill Chirico) and chasing after the woman. From the same storyteller of Gasaraki. In fact, you can see some real parallels in the 2 shows. Gasaraki was better tho. This series almost, but not quite because of all the AT battles, drags.

Parent's Guide Rating:

red (recommended for mature audiences)

Violence: Lots and lots. AT's (armored troopers) are just huge mecha. And Chirico is an expert in their use. Lots of battles between AT's. In the first 13 episodes, there is a futuristic biker gang that brutally kidnaps people to work in their mines. There are countless war scenes (flashbacks to Chirico's past) throughout the whole series. Nothing real graphic though.

Sex\nudity: Well, the beautiful woman (Fyana) is introduced while floating completely nude in a tank of jijirium (a special element). No detail between her legs, but her upper body is in complete detail. R rated type stuff. After that, there is one shower scene (same conditions as first) and then just flashbacks to the first meeting.

Profanity: Even though this was a subbed only production, there was a large amount of swearing. Not just your usual D*'s or H*'s, but a good bit of stuff that I have become used to not seeing on subs. No F'ing, but just plain crass profanity. I was disappointed.

Discussion: I am sure there are things that can be discussed, but I sure wouldn't show this to any kids or even teens. I am not sure they would even have the patience to watch the whole thing if one allowed them to watch it. Fyana does question her purpose in life (since she was created to be a perfect soldier, not human) and Chirico is always wondering if the only thing he is good for is to battle. Angst to the max. *sigh*

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