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Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki!
OAV Episode 4:
(Mihoshi Falls to the Land of Stars)

Distributed by: Pioneer LDC (world-wide)
Length: 30 minutes
Rating: NR, Adult situation with brief nudity, parental guidance suggested
Format: Original Japanese dialog (LD), subtitled (VHS) and dubbed (VHS)

Director: Hayashi Hiroki Character Design and Supervising Animation Director: Kajishima Masaki Design Work: Takeuchi Atsushi Screenplay: Hasegawa Naoko, Kajishima Masaki, Hayashi Kiroki Art Director: Waki Takeshi Director of Photography: Konishi Kazuhiro Sound Director: Honda Yasunori Music: Nagaoka Seikou Animation Company: AIC Presented by: Pioneer LDC Subtitles: Pioneer LDCA, Inc.

[ plot summary ]

vhs jacket

Eternally and most wanted criminal Kagato has surfaced and is being pursued by Galaxy Police forces. First class detective Mihoshi is one of the best there is in GP's forces, however the accompanying complaints and bills from her jobs makes GP officials unwilling to put her on the case. Instead, she is assigned simply to find Kagato now that he's actually been seen in the area. However, misunderstanding her orders, Mihoshi determines to find the criminal and arrest him for his crimes.

Meanwhile, back on earth, the Masaki residence is on their annual trip to a hotspring where they are invited every year by the inn keeper. Ryoko is determined to gain Tenchi's interest especially since he's been "acting strange" ever since the day he and Ayeka got caught in the rain. Of course, calling up a creature which she can't control doesn't help matters any, but it does bring Mihoshi falling from the sky...

[ capsule review ]

I guess that even the Japanese are not above doing their own versions of the "dumb blonde" joke. Luckily for us, Mihoshi comes across as more of a female version of the late Peter Seller's Inspector Clouseau, rather than an unused appendage (as in the movie). Just how many possible romantic interests can the hapless Tenchi handle? Now that most of the players are gathered, we get to see where this series is taking us -- a battle with Kagato, one of the most feared criminals in the Galaxy Police files. Of course, it just wouldn't be Mihoshi if she didn't mis-interpret her supervisor's orders and try to bring Kagato in herself...

The gang's trip to the onsen (hot springs) is bound to be another exercise in mass destruction, and sure enough, Ryoko and Ayeka's personal disagreement conjures up yet another way to replace the wrecking ball. Problem is, all this silliness gets a little tiresome after a while unless you're a pre-teen -- which is exactly the age group this series is targeted. There are the occassional funny moments, the most memorable being when Sasami is chiding Tenchi in the hot spring about his reactions when he sees Ryoko and Ayeka. The age role reversal is priceless! That aside, this episode is really a build up for the upcoming battle with Kagato, with a few more tidbits of information to help link things together later on. - AN

Mihoshi has got to be one of the worst cases I've seen of the "typical blonde" stereotype. How she ever became a first class detective, let alone one of the best, is beyond me... unless it was through family connections of course. We get a very clear idea of just what Tenchi's father is like, especially when he tries teaching Tenchi the ways of the peeping tom. Tenchi of course isn't going to go for it unless he wants to get killed by the inn-keeper.

The story maintains its light-heartedness even with the foreshadowing of Kagato's impending entrance. Of course, the spoof on Star Trek at the beginning of the episode makes for a bit of a double take as well. An emotional Vulcan (Romulan?!) with an eye-patch commanding a fleet of what appears to be altered constitution class starships (which close-up really look like "gun" ships). The fight between Ryoko and Ayeka gives us a very clear idea of just how little Ryoko thinks about her actions before acting from time to time. This episode features plenty of property damage and pure mindless fun while at the same time introducing another character (Mihoshi) and foreshadowing the upcoming encounter between Kagato and Tenchi (why else would he have been mentioned or even be here?!) By the way... who is Tsunami that Sasami mentioned while dreaming? More foreshadowing...-JYN

[ café rating ]

Original: Subbed: Dubbed:
Story: 3 stars
Direction: 4 stars
Acting: 4 stars
Animation: 4 stars
Music: 3 stars
Translation: N/A 3 stars
Overall Rating: 4 stars

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