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Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki!
OAV Episode 6:
(We Need Tenchi!)

Distributed by: Pioneer LDC (world-wide)
Length: 30 minutes
Rating: NR, Adult situation with brief nudity, parental guidance suggested
Format: Original Japanese dialog (LD), subtitled (VHS) and dubbed (VHS)

Director: Hayashi Hiroki Character Design and Supervising Animation Director: Kajishima Masaki Design Work: Takeuchi Atsushi Screenplay: Hasegawa Naoko, Kajishima Masaki, Hayashi Kiroki Art Director: Waki Takeshi Director of Photography: Konishi Kazuhiro Sound Director: Honda Yasunori Music: Nagaoka Seikou Animation Company: AIC Presented by: Pioneer LDC Subtitles: Pioneer LDCA, Inc.

[ plot summary ]

vhs jacket

After Ayeka's ship is utterly destroyed and Tenchi with it, Ryoko and Ayeka along with Mihoshi determine to avenge his death on Kagato. On board the Soja Mihoshi gets turned around and is somehow able to enter the mirror aspect of the ship where the Soja's creator has been sealed and imprisoned. Ayeka and Ryoko for some reason are unable to defeat Kagato on their own, and the criminal has some other plans up his sleeve. Outmaneuvering Ryoko, he manages to align the crystals in the Soja along with those she carries to draw on an incredible reserve of power. However, he needs the crystal in the master key as well...

Saved by Azaka and Kamidake, Tenchi is still alive when he is rescued by Tsunami, the first Jurai ship which is also Sasami's ship. Determined to free Ryoko from Kagato, he is taken to the Soja where he must face Kagato... without the help of the master key which is now aligned and gives Kagato access to great power...

[ capsule review ]

Episode 5 left us in a lurch, much like the typical season-ending cliff hangers we get on regular TV. If you were wondering what had happened to Azaka and Kamidake; well, now you know. We get a hint about the nature of Sasami and the extent of her powers (though how she found out about the destruction of Ryu-Oh while she was on Earth is still beyond me. Actually, there's a lot about Sasami and Tsunami that are big question marks). As expected, the final episode features the major battle between Tenchi and Kagato, though this time, we discover the full extent of Tenchi's newly discovered powers. (There's a key scene between Tsunami and Tenchi, right before Tenchi arrives on board Kagato's ship, the Soja.) The last of the 'regular' cast members gets introduced in this episode, as we learn that it is in fact Washu and not Kagato who created the Soja as well as Ryoko. Even with the very melancholy opening mood, the screenwriters still manage to squeeze in a touch or two of humour (such as Mihoshi's assault down one of the Soja's corridors, or Washu's cheerleading squad.) In the end, though, I found the resolution strangely unsatisfying -- the 30 minutes was far too short for a grand finale. Besides, a pipe-organ playing evil genius is an all too often used cliché. The time would have been far better utilized for a better climax. - AN

Tenchi is indeed still alive, having been saved by the gaurdians Azaka and Kamidake and rescued by Tsunami; Sasami's ship. We also see Sasami running off to be with Tsunami in this episode which really makes you wonder just what she's capable of. Her character's never been developed or explained as Ayeka's so her abilities and background is quite blank. Still, we learn a bit about her in that she "owns" Tsunami, the first ship of the Jurai and probably the most powerful of all. Tsunami is also the only ship which takes on a human countenance rather than that of a tree, although there's a bit of a hint about that when you see Sasami mirrored as Tsunami's reflection. Mihoshi somehow manages to get lost on the Soja and ends up in the ship's mirror aspect and runs into Washu, a scientific genious and the Soja's actual creator. There's lots of comic relief in this episode both with Mihoshi and our introduction to Washu.

The primary focus (despite some interesting questions being brought up about Sasami) is still Tenchi and his battle against Kagato. His encounter with Tsunami gives him a way to get to the Soja in order to do battle with Kagato. Still, Tsunami gives him a hint of what is important in this battle, and that's not the master key tenchi. The action proceeds at a good pace and Tenchi's own power wakens in a very interesting fashion. (Interesting to note that it appears the movie follows the TV series more than the OAV series. Not just with respect to Kiyone's presence but also with his inability to call upon the strength he displays here in his battle against KAIN). This is the last of the first series of OAVs with a good solid ending in this final battle against Kagato and a very interesting awakening of his own power. -JYN

[ café rating ]

Original: Subbed: Dubbed:
Story: 3 stars
Direction: 4 stars
Acting: 4 stars
Animation: 4 stars
Music: 3 stars
Translation: N/A 3 stars
Overall Rating: 4 stars

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