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Tenchi Muyo! TV Episode 5
(No Need for Partners!)

Distributed by: Pioneer LDC (world-wide)
Length: 23 minutes
Rating: NR, Adult situation with brief nudity, parental guidance suggested
Format: Original Japanese dialog (LD), subtitled (VHS) and dubbed (VHS)

[ plot summary ]

Detective First Class of the Galaxy Police Kiyone is having the time of her life. Once, she was straddled with the responsibiliy of keeping her partner, Mihoshi, out of trouble. But now that Mihoshi's been killed in action while trying to apprehend the dreaded space pirate Ryoko, Kiyone is finding that her career is on track...

... or is it?

A communiqué from GP headquarters reveals the worst possible news -- Mihoshi may not be dead after all, and a slight problem with bureaucracy results in Kiyone having to investigate and confirm the status of Mihoshi.

[ capsule review ]

Meet the first real "normal" character in the Tenchi universe. Kiyone is as straight as they come: responsible, intelligent and capable -- in short, the model employee. Which, of course, would make the ideal character foil to the air-headed personality of Mihoshi. This is a classic play on a very American tradition -- the ubiquitous "Odd Couple," if you will. Laurel had Hardy, Felix Unger had Oscar Madison, and Kiyone? Kiyone gets saddled with the mother of all stereotypical blondes, Mihoshi. The pair even get branded with their own nickname -- "Miho-Kiyo". The universe can be a very cruel place. (BTW, In the TV universe, Yagami is Kiyone's ship.) Again, this episode is primarily an introduction to the Kiyone character. Her introductions to the various boarders (??) of the Masaki household is quite amusing -- especially when plot takes a rather unexpected detour for lunch break... As you might expect, there's the inevitable fight between wanted criminal Ryoko, and detective first-class Mihoshi. Almost as expected is Ayeka's "assist" in Ryoko's capture. And of course, there's Mihoshi to insure that Ayeka won't lose her favourite playmate. But in the end, like all good cops, Kiyone gets her man ... er, in this case, woman (as in woe of man), and is ready to take Mihoshi back to civilization. And just as expected, Kiyone and Mihoshi get a new posting, just as the episode ends... - AN

[ café rating ]

Original: Subbed: Dubbed:
Story: N/R 2 stars N/R
Direction: N/R 3 stars N/R
Acting: N/R 3 stars N/R
Animation: N/R 3 stars N/R
Music: N/R 2 stars N/R
Translation: N/A 4 stars N/R
Overall Rating: N/R 2 stars N/R

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