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Revolutionary Girl Utena: Adolescence Mokushiroku

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: M

Recommended for Mature Audiences

Reviewed by Raven Cross:

Adolesence Mokushiroku is the movie version of Shoujo Kakumei Utena. It follows a similar storyline, but it is far more complex. It takes a few watches to fully understand the meaning of everything in the movie. Utena is the story of a girl who attends a private school, where students often duel. She has a ring (given to her by a Prince she met in her childhood) which gives her the right to enter into the duels. She is looking for her prince, but what she finds is Anthy, the Rose Bride. The duelists fight to win the Rose Bride. Whoever wins the duel, gets control of Anthy. This movie is very good, however, it is complex and a few scenes will shock you and make you say "This is Utena??"

Parent's Guide Rating:

red (recommended for mature audiences)

Do not be fooled by the TV series. Adolesence Mokushiroku is not as innocent as the TV series.

Violence - There is violence, as the nature of the story involves dueling. None of it is graphic, but it is fairly strong, and may disturb young children.

Profanity - Loose usage of a few mild jokes/words.

Sex - This one is what puts this into an M rating. There are several jokes, etc. in this movie. In one of the last scenes of the movie, Utena and Anthy, both naked, have a near-hentai scene together. It's *not* for people with a problem with homosexuals, or sex. The two are in fact, kissing, naked, hugging, and atop one another. This is *very* disturbing if you were expecting the tame TV series... like I was. It is far more innocent the H material, but young children should not see this.

Nudity - There are a few nude scenes, but all contain no detail, and I think only one was in sexual nature.

Homosexuality - This movie leans *far* more towards the homosexual side of things than the TV series. In the TV series Utena was straight, but formed very, very, tight friendships with girls. In the movie, she is a lesbian. She has her hair cut short, has a deeper voice, and hits on girls a lot more. If you have a problem with gay people, do *not* pick up a copy of this movie. I, personally try not to have a problem, and I don't, but seeing girl-on-girl romance scenes still disturbs me slightly.

I would recoment this for 15 and up. Anyone over 12 CAN watch it, as long as they don't have problems with the above.

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