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Monthly Picks

June 2001

Many folks out there have often asked what anime we suggest for those who are starting out in anime, or what anime would be good for those who like x, y, and z titles. While I usually suggest that people go to the Beginner's Guide to Anime for suggestions, here I'm going to give my personal choice for the month based on the videos that I watch. Some of the titles are new acquisitions while others are re-views. (compared to reviews of course!) So, on to the picks!

Top Video

Aa! Megamisama! (The Movie)

I have to admit, until I saw this film, I was at a bit of a loss as to which video would be chosen top pick for the month; while there are a number of good titles in the list, nothing really reached out and grabbed me around the throat. However, with a beautiful love story, good conflict and sentimentalism, this movie kept me firmly rooted in place. The music, acting, and animation were all solid for a movie feature, and while I didn't care for certain aspects of the animation towards the end, it didn't detract overly much from the viewing experience. This would have been well worth the Y2000 ($25 CDN / $17 USD) to see in the theatre! A must see for any AMG fan.

Most Disappointing Beginning

Inu Yasha

I know, I know. Don't get your expectations up or you'll be disappointed. Actually, I didn't have too many expectations beyond thinking the beginning would be on par with Ranma 1/2. Unfortunately this one just didn't impress me. A shame really since even though Takahashi's stories often don't go anywhere anytime soon, they can be fun, mindless entertainment. I guess the question will be if things improve in the next couple of DVDs since we unfortunately committed ourselves to getting them without knowing what the story would be like.

Most Intriguing Story Development

Infinite Ryvius

Don't ask me why yet since I don't know the whole story. But as far as TV series this month, this one has me really curious as to where the story is going and what's going to happen next. To the point that we're committed to buying all but the final DVD even though we haven't even seen half the series. A good suspenseful sci-fi story, it has a lot of mystery. Will it deliver?

Definitely For Kids

Rokumon Tengai MonColle Knight

You thought Pokemon and Digimon were bad? Mind you, I wonder how things will go when Yu Gi Oh comes out. In like fashion, Rokumon Tengai MonColle Knight seems to be based around a card collection game featuring various monsters and items. (Seems? Well, I haven't done a lot of research into seeing what other items are available beyond the anime and manga at the moment). Very much a "for kids" show, with two main characters (a boy and a girl) this show will appeal to all kids. Parents beware; this could prove to be painful for the wallet depending on the merchandise available.

Titles viewed:

  • Aa! Megamisama The Movie
  • Brain Powerd Vol 1, 2
  • Escaflowne the Movie
  • Fuma no Kojiro
  • Gasaraki Vol 1
  • Gensomaden Saiyuki Vol 1
  • Geobreeders
  • Infinite Ryvius Vol 1-3
  • Infinite Ryvius Fan Disk Vol 1
  • Inu Yasha Vol 1
  • Jin Roh
  • Love Hina Vol 1
  • Photon Vol 1, 2
  • Rokumon Tengai MonColle Knight Vol 1
  • Seikai no Monshou Vol 1
  • Seraphim Call Vol 1, 2, 3
  • Shamanic Princess Vol 1
  • Spectre Force Vol 1, 2
  • Yami no Matsuei Vol 3 Sword no K hen
  • Yami no Matsuei Vol 4 Kyoto hen

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