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vhs jacket

Bubblegum Crisis 6
Red Eyes

© 1989 Artmic Inc. & Youmex Inc., © 1992 AnimEigo, Inc.
Color / Stereo / 45 minutes / Japanese Language / English Subtitles

cover synopsis

It is the year 2032 A.D. The mysterious Largo infiltrates GENOM and uses lookalike Boomers to frame the Knight Sabers. It's all part of his master plan to reshape the world into his terrifying vision of paradise. Helping him is Anri, the 33-S "Sexaroid" Boomer who, after the death of Sylvie in "Moonlight Rambler," is the last surviving space-station fugitive.

Priss, heartbroken because she could not prevent Sylive's death, resigns from the team. When Largo's imposters reappear, the three remaining Knight Sabers are seriously outclassed. Meanwhile, a chance encounter with Leon and a near-miss by an orbital beam weapon puts Priss on Largo's trail. Largo faces down Quincy, the elusive chairman of GENOM, and demands that he hand over the Overmind Control System.

Seeking to atone for Sylvie's death by rescuing Anri, Priss takes on Largo alone. A BIG mistake. Perhaps the last mistake Priss will ever make!

cast list

Sylia Stingray: Sakakibara Yoshiko
Priss (Priscilla S.) Asagiri: Omori Kinuko
Linna Yamazaki: Tomizawa Michie
Nene Romanova: Hiramatsu Akiko
Leon McNichol: Furukawa Toshi
Daley Wong: Horiuchi Kenyu
Quincy: Kawakubo Kiyoshi
Largo: Sogabe Kazuyoshi
Mackie Stingray: Sasaki Nozomu
Anri: Mizutani Yuko
Kate: Takano Urara
Callahan: Otaki Shinya
Executives: Sawaki Ikuya, Shioya Kouzo
Boomer: Kobayashi Michitaka

production info

Executive Producer: Fujita Junji Planning, Original Story and Screenplay: Suzuki Toshimichi Direction & Storyboards: Obari Masami Character Designs: Sonoda Kenichi Guest Character Designs: Goda Hiroaki Production Designs: Aramaki Shinji & Yamane Kimitoshi Animation Directors: Goda Hiroaki, Matsubara Hidenori & Obari Masami Art Director: Ikeda Shigemi Director of Photography: Takahashi Akihiko Audio Director: Matsura Noriyoshi Music: Makaino Kouji Music Producer: Fujita Junji Producer: Tazaki Hiroshi

English Version Producer:Robert J. Woodhead English Version Director: Michael House English Version Dialogue Editor: Roe. R. Adams, III, KTJ Translators: Michael House, Shin Kurokawa

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