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vhs jacket

Tenchi Muyo!
TV Episode 6: No Need For Resident Officers!

© 1996 AIC, Tenchi Muyo Committee, Pioneer LDC

Color / Stereo Surround / 22 minutes / Japanese Language / English Subtitles


By an unexpected order from the Galaxy Police HQ, our mismatched duo, Mihoshi and Kiyone, are assigned to stay on Earth as resident officers. They move out of the Masaki residence to start their own lives in a meager apartment. Nothing can affect Mihoshi -- she simply remains her goofy, cheerful self wherever she is. Kiyone, on the other hand, has all the worries in the universe. She now has to "baby-sit" her partner while struggling with the high cost of living on Earth. They have to work many hours on part-time jobs to make a living, and the moment they receive a duty call, they have to drop everything to rush in their spaceship, Yagami, to the scene of the crime. The Miho-Kyo Duo is ever on duty, bound by a strange bond of their rotten fate!

This episode to tell a story of Mihoshi and Kiyone living on Earth. Anyone who sees this episode first would believe that these two girls are the show's heroines. It seems like they must have more stories to tell about their lives on Earth. We can expect another episode with more of this charming duo! Once you're caught in the quicksand of Miho-Kyo Dou routines, you can never leave!

cast list

Masaki Tenchi: Kikuchi Masami
Ryoko: Orikasa Ai
Ayeka: Takada Yumi
Masaki Nobuyuki: Aono Takeshi
Masaki Katsuhito: Aono Takeshi
Mihoshi: Mizutani Yuko
Kiyone: Amano Yuri
Sasami: Yokoyama Chisa
Washu: Kobayashi Yuko
Ryo-ohki: Kozakura Etsuko
Azaka: Ogata Kenichi
Kamidake: Takagi Wataru

production info

Director: Negishi Hiroshi Screenplay: Negishi Hiroshi Character Design: Horiuchi Hiroyuki Direction: Moriya Yuji Art Director: Asakura Chitose Sound Director: Honda Yasunori Music: Nagaoka Seikou Executive Producer: Nakamura Naouju

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