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vhs jacket

Tenchi Muyo!
TV Episode 7: No Need For Carnivals!

© 1996 AIC, Tenchi Muyo Committee, Pioneer LDC

Color / Stereo Surround / 22 minutes / Japanese Language / English Subtitles


One summer evening, an annual carnival takes place at the Masaki shrine. Tenchi takes excited Sasami there to check it out. What they discover, mixed in with the other booths at the carnival, are Ryoko's fish-scooping booth, Ayeka's shooting gallery, a fried noodle shop run by Mihoshi and Kiyone, and Washu's house of horrors... none of which are as normal as they look in the beginning! You may think that carnivals are just for fun, but this one proves to be a life-threatening adventure for Tenchi! To add to the commotion, as Ryoko and Ayeka start to fight (what else is new?), things get out of hand. It's getting late at the night of the carnival...

Now that all the main characters have come out of the box, we proceed to depict their everyday life. You will find that the second half of CHAPTER: EARTH reflects the best of the TENCHI world. Sit back and enjoy the free-wheeling wild actions of our well-established characters! This time, the childhood story fo Ryoko and Ayeka reveals them as 10-year olds. How much of their story is true? Oh, who cares...?

cast list

Masaki Tenchi: Kikuchi Masami
Ryoko: Orikasa Ai
Ayeka: Takada Yumi
Masaki Nobuyuki: Aono Takeshi
Masaki Katsuhito: Aono Takeshi
Mihoshi: Mizutani Yuko
Kiyone: Amano Yuri
Sasami: Yokoyama Chisa
Washu: Kobayashi Yuko
Ryo-ohki: Kozakura Etsuko
Azaka: Ogata Kenichi
Kamidake: Takagi Wataru

production info

Director: Negishi Hiroshi Screenplay: Negishi Hiroshi Character Design: Horiuchi Hiroyuki Direction: Moriya Yuji Art Director: Asakura Chitose Sound Director: Honda Yasunori Music: Nagaoka Seikou Executive Producer: Nakamura Naouju

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