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Milk Crown

Pretty Girl

Author: Mizuto Aqua
Publisher: Shogakukan (Flower Comics)
Volume Information: Vol. 1 ISBN 4-09-137596-0
Date of Publication: 2000.03.20
Length: 32 pgs / 192 pgs
Content: Hints of homosexuality in Ukyou
Format: Original Japanese
Difficulty: Easy - with yomigana


manga jacket

After the harrowing(?) experiences of Oto's inaugural party, it's time to get to work helping with maintaining the Ryu-Gu dorm. Having finished cleaning the second floor of the dorm, Oto runs across a slightly panicky Jin; what could possibly make Jin panic? Ukyou, budding clothing designer and somewhat infatuated with Jin, claims that inside, he has the spirit of a girl. Will Ukyou be able to convince Oto to try out the new outfit he'd spent three days making for her? or will he end up commiting suicide from the futility of his efforts?

However, the students Jin fought with the previous day, are back for revenge. Only this time, they stoop to kidnapping in an attempt to strengthen their own footing. Will it help? And how will Oto react to being kidnapped?

capsule review:

This second chapter for the Milk Crown series continues in much the same vein as the first, being fairly light and humourous in approach. With the introduction of a new character - Saionji Ukyou, yet more strangeness is added to the mix. However, what's interesting about Ukyou's character is that he has a clear vision of what he wants to do and be when he grows up. Very much as Oto says, you can respect someone who has a dream.

The plot in this chapter continues at a fast and fun pace from meeting Ukyou to Jin's fight with the third year students. However, we have some interesting insight into Oto's character as she continues to show more of her personality. Of course, crocodilian Oto does have her charms as well. On top of Oto's character development, we have a hint of Yamato's underlying character although this is left fairly hazy for the time being. Jin's character is also further developed along with hints of his strengths at being student head of the dorm. Likewise, we're starting to see hints of a possible love interest forming in this second chapter. Lots of hints as to where things will go, and some interesting character development, reader's will find this a fun-filled chapter.

As in the previous chapter, the artwork continues in the same vein although we do see some interesting "additions" and transformations for Oto. Overall cleanly drawn and with good detail to both the picture and the background without being cluttered, the artwork is quite pleasing to the eye. Liberal use of the super-deformed style continues in this chapter, but given the slightly whimsical feel to this series to date, this is likely to be a constant. All in all this series is continuing to be lots of fun. Onwards!
- JYN, 2001.11.17

café rating (original japanese):


3 stars

[3 / 5] - Good character development of Oto and a bit on Jin's character. Interesting introduction of Ukyou's character and personality both, although hopefully we'll see his character get fleshed out more as time continues. The plot continues to move at a good pace overall keeping readers solidly entertained.


4 stars
[4 / 5] - The artwork continues to be very interesting with good detail and appropriate use of chibi-characters. Again fairly cleanly drawn there is more background detail this time.


[ N/A ] - Based on the original Japanese release.

Overall Rating:

4 star
[4 / 5] - All in all, this series is showing lots of promise and is developing in a fun and humourous fashion. While there are some conflicts, these are all dealt with in a light fashion. More please!

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