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Milk Crown

Futari de Asa made Hoshi no Shita

Together, Under the Stars Until Morning

Author: Mizuto Aqua
Publisher: Shogakukan (Flower Comics)
Volume Information: Vol. 1 ISBN 4-09-137596-0
Date of Publication: 2000.03.20
Length: 30 pgs / 192 pgs
Content: n/a
Format: Original Japanese
Difficulty: Easy - with yomigana


manga jacket

It's the first day back to school after summer break! For Tachibana Oto, the first of September, starts off with a most unusual dream. And thanks to that dream, she can't look at Jin straight in the face without thinking about it. Worse still, Oto's running behind and will be late to class if she doesn't hurry. However, it's Jin to the rescue complete with rollerblades to make the trip quick.

Oto's classmates can't help but notice that Oto came to school with some of Z class' students, but they aren't alone. Several girls from Y class also take notice of lowly Q class Oto's open manner with members of Z class and don't take kindly to it. Afterall, Y class is much closer to the special students than Q. And so, in order to teach the upstart a lesson, they decide to keep her from being able to fulfill her duties as helper. Will Oto be able to get home to her job, or will she be stuck at school all night with Jin?

capsule review:

I always wonder about Japanese schools, if it's really that easy and common to go up to the roof. So many anime and manga feature it, that I assume this must be the case. However, growing up in North America, we were never permitted such access at my school. From the last chapter to this, we see some interesting development in Oto's character and her feelings for Jin. The question is, does she realise it?!

The story continues in its light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek manner making this an all-round fun series. Neither overly serious or dark, nor too light and sappy, it tells a somewhat silly, mildly romantic story. With the cameo appearance of a new character Toki, readers are left wondering as to where the story will go next, especially with the revelation of who she is at the end of this chapter. However, her character to date is very much an unknown and without any real development to date. Perhaps we will find out more about her in the next chapter?

The artwork here continues in the same vein as before being very clean and with good detail in the background. Also, I have to admit, I'm quite liking the clothing design in this series. While not too outrageous, it has a fun yet functional design. All in all a fun read for those looking for a light read. Some good hints as to what the story will look at next, we shall see how the story actually unfolds for the readers.
- JYN, 2001.11.19

café rating (original japanese):


3 stars

[3 / 5] - Some interesting story development with the introduction of another character, Toki.


4 stars
[4 / 5] - Artwork continues to be very clean yet well detailed.


[ N/A ] - Based on the original Japanese release.

Overall Rating:

3 star
[3 / 5] - All in all a fun story, watching Oto proves most amusing as she realises she may be trapped all night alone with Jin. Very much a light, romantic comedy.

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