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Monthly Picks

July 2001

Many folks out there have often asked what anime we suggest for those who are starting out in anime, or what anime would be good for those who like x, y, and z titles. While I usually suggest that people go to the Beginner's Guide to Anime for suggestions, here I'm going to give my personal choice for the month based on the videos that I watch. Some of the titles are new acquisitions while others are re-views. (compared to reviews of course!) So, on to the picks!

Top Video

Aa! Megamisama OAV series

It's a double AMG for the past two months. With its sweet and gentle love story, this is a wonderful anime OAV series. Perhaps more appropriate to be watched all at once close to Christmas, it really brings back memories of earlier anime.

Most Promising Beginnings

Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer

The latest TV series to by Clamp, Angelic Layer is showing signs of being a fun watch for girls and boys both. With a young female lead character, the story is actually based on a young boys comic series of the same name. The first episodes for this show hints at more story and especially more character development to come.

Good for Young Children

Unico 2

Unlike Unico 1 where one scene was very out of character for the show, Unico 2 tells a sweet, gentle story. Good for even very young children, it's easy to see how this series became famous the world over.

Titles viewed:

  • Aa! Megamisama The Movie
  • Aa! Megamisama OAV Vol 1-5
  • Angelic Layer Vol 1
  • Argent Soma Vol 1
  • Devil Hunter Yohko 1, 2
  • Gakkou no Kaidan Vol 1
  • Inu Yasha Vol 2, 3
  • Jin Roh
  • Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Vol 1, 2
  • Kodomo no Omocha Vol 1
  • Meitantei Conan Part 6 Vol 1, 2
  • Meitantei Conan Part 7 Vol 1, 2
  • Unico 2

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