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Kyuketsuki Miyu
(Vampire Princess Miyu)

genre: horror / fantasy

At one time, gods and demons were as one. They were sealed away in the abyss of distant memory. The hearts of humans who feared the Dark brought this about. For the present, let us call these beings "Shinma". Now they have awakened from their slumber, and gathered in the Dark. On the final night of that gathering, when Shinma and humans met again, a young girl strayed into their midst. This is her story. Her name is Kyuketsuki Miyu.

Vampire Miyu is a Gothic tale of a young(?) vampire, her servant Larva and their run-ins with the human reibaishya (spiritualist) Se Himiko. This series is a dark tale about Miyu, who and what she is, and how she came to be. In total there are four OAVs on either 4 LDs (original) or 2 VHS tapes (subtitled; tapes are spine-scened), a radio drama and TV series.

The four OAVs have little if anything to do with the manga series beyond involving Miyu and Larva although some questions about Miyu's past can only be determined from the manga; things that were not entirely clear in the animé series (eg. whatever happened in her past that she cannot ever forget - mentioned in episode 3).

[ rated pg ]


Parental Guidance Advised - Borderline 'Suitable for general audiences,' this OAV series is far more cerebral than your typical horror show. Mild violence in each episode, and the occult subject matter may be objectionable to some; younger audiences will probably be bored.

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