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Monthly Picks

August 2001

Many folks out there have often asked what anime we suggest for those who are starting out in anime, or what anime would be good for those who like x, y, and z titles. While I usually suggest that people go to the Beginner's Guide to Anime for suggestions, here I'm going to give my personal choice for the month based on the videos that I watch. Some of the titles are new acquisitions while others are re-views. (compared to reviews of course!) So, on to the picks!

Top Video

Mugen no Ryvius

While I haven't seen the final volume, the story of survival told in this TV series makes for a very interesting watch. With many parallels with the Lord of the Flies, only on an older and futuristic scale, viewers are drawn into the story of trying to maintain order in a difficult situation let alone keep order when being placed in positions of power.

Most Insane

Elf Princess Rane

From crazy speech styles to crazy story and animation, Elf Princess Rane will have viewers alternately shaking their heads in wonder/confusion/disbelief to dying of laughter. Lots of humour and insanity in this pseudo 3 - 2 part OAV.

Most Intriguing Beginning

Shamanic Princess

With some very nice music and animation, this OAV series shows a lot of promise. Unfortunately, we only have the first VHS volume so it's not quite enough to give it Top Pick.

Titles viewed:

  • Angelic Layer Vol 1
  • Elf Princess Rane
  • Gakkou no Kaidan Vol 2,3
  • Love Hina Vol 2
  • Meitantei Conan Part 7 Vol 3
  • Mugen no Ryvius Vol 1, 4-8
  • Mugen no Ryvius Fan Disk 1, 2
  • NieA_7 Vol 1
  • Shamanic Princess Vol 1
  • Taihou Shichauzo! Second Season Vol 1

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