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T.H.E.M. Animé Café Awards
1998 Edition

In what we hope is a precedent-setting joint venture project, Raphael See of T.H.E.M. Anime Reviews and Akio Nagatomi of The Animé Café present our 'Top Ten Must-See' list of anime.

Coming up with this list was no mean feat -- both sites first had to come up with a list twenty-five titles containing what we each considered as being the 'best of the best' anime titles.

No kidding! Just keeping our initial lists to 25 was already a tough task... But that's what the scoring system was for, right?

Right! Hopefully, we would be able to find at least ten common titles between the two, sort the remaining list in some semblance of order, and assign each title a score...

...or so we thought...

... At least, that was the idea. Upon actually receiving our lists, though, both of us were quite surprised to find out how similar our tastes were. In fact, out of twenty-five, eighteen titles turned out common to both of our lists -- and the ones that weren't were usually because one of us hadn't even seen them yet. What looked at first to be a one-pass sifting job quickly turned into a back-and-forth discussion that spanned several days.

From the very outset, two things became abundantly clear: a) both sites were surprisingly consistent in our views, and b) paring down this list wasn't going to be quite as easy we had hoped.

A mild understatement on Akio's part. I nearly gave up one or two times in trying to find just ten to keep for the list, and often had to ignore my personal inclinations for the sake of fairness. For instance, I'd never have figured that the 1st season of Ranma 1/2 wouldn't make the cut...

... or many other worthy titles! But pare it down we did, and what we're left with is this list of shows we feel best represent this wonderful industry we call anime. So on to the list!

Of course, there were many titles that didn't make the list -- and not because they weren't good enough, but because both of us had been unable to rate the show for some reason or another. For these shows, we present:

Honourable Mentions

And finally -- a word about the award itself: The Crystal Kyoko

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